1. Ribbon 2. Denise (The Ink Nest) 3. Let’s Have Tea Invite 4. Sarah (The Ink Nest) 5. Sabina (The Ink Nest) 6. Nicole (The Ink Nest) 7. Cardigan 8. Rachel (The Ink Nest)

We have a very special trend report this month that motivated a few of The Ink Nest Artists to create new sets for the shop – and is one of my favorite trends of 2014 – the folkloric mix. While folk art can encompass a wide variety of cultures, we mainly focused on Scandinavian Folk.

Vibrant blues and bold reds make up many of the folk art palettes. Which when paired with light pinks, orange, brown and turquoise, the combinations can create cute and playful designs.

Animal motifs, flowers and geometrics are at the heart of the trend. Folk design works very well when used for stationery, textiles or home goods. I sense some folk art inspired Valentine’s Day cards in the making!

9. Rachel (The Ink Nest) 10. Sarah (The Ink Nest) 11. Minted Initial Card 12. Denise (The Ink Nest) 13. Sabina (The Ink Nest) 14. Sarah (The Ink Nest) 15. Interior 16. Blanket 17. Nicole (The Ink Nest)

Download free birdie image. For personal use only!

Author: Denise is an illustrator living and working in Chicago, Illinois. Check some of her work here: niseemade.com.

Find clip art by Nisee Made in the shop.


  1. Emily Peck says:

    This is SO my style, I love the folk art look! It’s always so exciting when there is new clip art available!! :)

  2. alex says:

    Very nice work!

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  4. leuwarou says:

    loving your shop more and more!

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