The next trend color that will always be in style, is Black and White. It’s chic, simple, bold and will continue trending in the wedding invitation world in 2014. Chalkboard invitations are popular right now as well as pairing black and white with the color gold. Stationery with simple black accents is very modern and feminine but can also add a touch of whimsy, such as the case with image #3. Black and White is also trending in the fashion this fall as well. Using black to decorate your home is becoming increasingly popular. Black in patterns for home decor makes for a good starting point for any interior design scheme. Bold and art deco fonts pair well with this color combo. From packaging to stationery accessories, Black is classic and clean. Make a statement with Black and White!

1. Sugar Paper    2. Minted   3. Kate Spade   4. Vika Gazinskaya   5. Rachel Gresham – for The Ink Nest

Download a free chalkboard texture – print and web resolution, for your next black & white project!
Download chalkboard texture

6. Fine Little Day   7. Beau Loves   8. Leif   9. Deco Neue Font   10. Hunter and Co Designs   11. Scout’s Honor Co

Author: Denise is an illustrator living and working in Chicago, Illinois. Check some of her work here:

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  1. Marianne says:

    I am loving the trend forecasts! And thank you for sharing the chalkboard texture :)

  2. Ashley says:

    Thank you so much, Sabina and Denise! I love the black and white trend!

  3. Nice post Sabina. These black and white invitations are so beautiful and gorgeous. I really liked it ,especially the polka dot one. I also want to try it. Anyway, thanks for sharing this great inspirational work.

  4. [...] chalkboard texture download courtesy of The Ink Nest where you can also find some black and white patterned backgrounds for purchase. Pea Ellie Bellie [...]

  5. uwaki says:

    I’m loving the black and white. A trend that I hope won’t be a seasonal thing, but something all year long :)

  6. denise says:

    Oh I’m happy you guys are liking these! :) I will be posting a new report each month!

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