Do I need an account to order?
No, you can order without registration.
Is my transaction secure?
Yes, all transactions are absolutely secure! We do not store any information about your credit card. After you click order, you will be redirected to the website of PayPay. The actual transactions takes place on the website of PayPal which has one of the best standards for security and privacy of transactions.

Additionally, our website is scanned several times daily for Malware. This ensures your safety during browsing our website and you will never get infected with a virus or Malware from our website or our downloadable products.

How do I download my files?
The link to download your files will be sent instantly to the email address which you provided on the checkout. The images are packed in a zip file.
When I am going to receive my files?
The files will be instantly delivered upon completion of the purchase. Sometimes due to lags in servers it may take up to 5min for the email to arrive. Please check your Spam Folder!!!

Please note if you order with PayPal eCheck there is going to be a delay in receiving your files till the eCheck clears. Because eChecks clear in about 3-5 business days, we recommend that you do not use this option if you need the files urgently.

What is the return and refund policy?
Due to the nature of this product, once your receive the files, refund is not possible. If you feel that the files are very different than what is described in the listing, contact me and we can decide how to proceed. Please note many of the images are drawn by hand on paper and then digitally processed. These are not images solely created in a computer, therefore the lines are organic and not perfect like a typical digital image. However this is part of the charm of these drawings and the natural look that they will bring to your artwork is going to make a difference.


What is clip art?
Clip art refers to pre-made images used in wide range of design projects – like making greeting cards, web design, scrap-booking etc.
What is a .png format? Why don’t you offer jpegs?
PNG is a format to store pictures in with the possibility to have a transparent background. Png can be opened with any graphic editing program just like jpegs with this difference that you can seamlessly integrate my designs into your work on ANY kind of background.
Do I need special programs to open .png images?
No, no special programs required. You can open these clip art images in MS Word, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements.
What size are these images?
Our images are really large size and they are 300dpi which means they look great in print. You will not find small fuzzy images in our shop. The size of these images will fit almost any need you have – from designing posters to tiny cards. Usually you have to re-size them down to fit your needs.
What are Photoshop brushes? Why do you include them in the package?
Photoshop brushes are explained here. The brushes are essentially the same as the clip art and are provided for more easy use for those who work with Photoshop. There are no extra images included in the brushes so if you don’t know how to use them don’t worry that you are missing a part of the product.
Can I change the color of your clip art?


How to purchase the Extended License?
The Extended License is available from the drop-down options inside the product listing.

1. select the type of files you like to purchase – clip art or vector file. Add to Cart.

2. Select Extended License and add to cart too.

Please note the files are not included in the Extended License purchase. You have to purchase them in addition to the license.

Does the price of the Extended License include clip art or vector files?
No, the price of Extended License does not include the files. You have to purchase the files of your choice in addition to the license.
Can I resell your images?
No. These images should be considered a design resource only. They are not to be resold, even with the extended license. You have to create finished products with these images like – invitation design, logo design, etc. Reselling them again as clip art, collage sheets or scrapbooking resources is not allowed.
Can I use your images to create and sell art prints and iPhone covers?
Yes. You need to purchase an Extended License.



Do you do custom work?
Yes! We love working on custom projects.
Please visit this page for more information.

We always welcome suggestions and new clip art ideas. If you don’t need the graphics urgently and you don’t require an exclusive license, you can send us clip art suggestions.

Why is the custom work more expensive than the pre-made clip art?
A custom work is sold only once and the pricing covers our time to make the drawings. Creating these images is a time consuming process. Therefore, the price of unique, high quality graphics, made exclusively for one client, is always higher than pre-made clip art.


How can I get a discount on my order?
Glad you asked! There are several ways to get a discount at our shop:

1. Add 4 clip art items to your cart and get 25% off! Please note the offer is not valid for vectors, calendars and calendar templates.

2. Add 3 vectors to your cart and get 20% off your order. The cart should only contain 3 vector files for the discount to work.

3. Write a review on items that you ordered. Each time you write a review you get a 10% discount coupon (items from one order count as one review). The coupon will be sent to your email.

4. Sign Up for our Link Share program! Put one of our beautiful buttons on your blog. All sales that are generated from this link will earn you 30% commission. For example on order of $100 on a referred customer, you will receive a $30 store credit! And there are even more rewards and specials for Link Share participants.

5. Sign up for our newsletter and receive coupons, news about sales and giveaways.


I am an artist and I would like to sell graphics in your shop
We are always looking for new talented artists. If you artwork is hand drawn and/or looks artistic and original please apply to sell it in our shop. Please read here: Artists information
What are your fees?
You will receive 70% of everything that you sell in our shop.
What can I sell on The Ink Nest?
– vector files
– Pdf designs for print like calendars
– Photoshop brushes
– Templates

Please note all work have to first meet our standards. We will send you a detailed instructions how to format and package your work.

Do you require an exclusive contract?
No, you can sell your work at The Ink Nest and any other shop you like to.

We never share your information with a third party and we never send spam!
Thank you! Please use the coupon code below on the checkout to get 20% off your first order.
*on Standard License orders only. Items on sale excluded.