Thoughts on pricing

This morning I received a message via my Etsy shop. A seller complained that my graphics are overpriced. Usually I do not answer such messages, because honestly, when do other people get to decide how much is my time and art worth? But I think sending such messages to artists is not kind.

The person who complained, is selling art posters for more than $8 on Etsy. I just wonder how would she feel if I message her and tell her she should lower her prices. Does making of a poster take more time than it takes me to create my illustrations? Are my images worth less than her posters? I am pouring my soul into these drawings. And a poster is just a pretty piece on the wall. My drawings allow people to create and sell products, to earn out of this.

I think our pricing is fair and our Standard License is quite generous. Compare to other resources for quality graphics like iStockphoto. Their license for using the graphics in greeting card designs, templates, more than 500 prints is $250! Our Standard license allows for 2000 prints, making of products, and is just $8. Our Extended License allows for almost anything (except reselling our graphics), unlimited prints, and is $45. Our drawings are just as professional as the ones sold by other big vendors, only we are not a big corporation. We are a group of artists making a living with what we love to do – drawing.

In conclusion I want to thank all our customers who think that our graphics are worth their price. We love you too!

Clip Art & Photoshop Brushes – Snowflakes

I was looking at some vintage Czech matchbox labels featuring abstract looking snowflakes. Maybe they were not abstract but traditional Czech snowflake drawings. In any case they didn’t look like snowflakes that I have seen before. I took the idea of these for a spin and here come these hand drawn snowflakes.

I am also offering here a free sample for personal use only. Download Snowflakes sample

Fall Sale 20% Off

Did I mention that Fall is my favorite season? I am running a Fall Sale at my shops
Use this coupon code LOVEFALL20 at the checkout to get 20% off your order.

Printable Mini Calendar 2012

Printable Mini calendar 2012

Printable Mini calendar 2012

I had so many requests about this calendar. The whimsical mini calendar 2011 was more successful than I could foresee. It turns out it was the perfect gift last year. Since then I have new clip art and my design direction have changed somewhat. The new calendar is more polished technically and in addition to being whimsical, it is also romantic.

You can find below a free sample for January 2012. It looks really cute in print. The bird is from my new set – Sewn Birds.

[download id="4"]

If you wish to design a calendar of your own you will find in my shops the mini calendar templates.