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Spring is upon us! I was getting tired of winter and couldn’t wait to kick away my boots and winter clothes. I am just so happy and grateful for the sunny days that we have right now, the warm weather and the fresh colors around me. We can finally have long walks in the park. Everyone with a small child at home knows how I feel :)

It is time for a Spring SALE. Get 20% off in both my shops with the coupon code: SPRING12

*The lovely birds in this image are part of the new clipart set Spring Birds.

Halloween – Clip Art and Photoshop Brushes

I am a bit late with the Halloween release this year. We do not celebrate this holiday where I come from. I had requests about this set, so I spent some time looking at vintage Halloween cards and came with these drawings. As usual the clip art is created with ink on paper and then digitally colored.

A free sample for personal use is included. Download Halloween sample