Design Trends 2013 – Mint

design trends 2013 mint

Mint is going to be one of the hot colors in 2013. It is number one trend in wedding invitations for next year and is probably going to find its way in other areas of graphic design.

1. Pantone Color Report 2013 Spring – Grayed Jade
2. Wedding invitation by Minted
3. Mint clip art set
4. mint and gold feather in Feathers clip art set

How to pair mint

Mint can be combined with a number of great colors. For example Monaco Blue (Pantone color 2013). Gold is a luxurious combination with mint. Emerald is another trend color for 2013 and goes beautifully with mint creating a nice contrast. Pink is a classic combination with mint – a salmon, or linen pink + mint =  vintage soft look.

Fonts that go with mint

Is there such thing as a suitable font for a specific color? In design color sets the mood and the direction. Finding suitable font is what brings design to perfection. Mint can be made modern when paired with some rounded nice sans serif font like Museo Sand or Futura. Scripts like La Portenia and Capistrano BF are a more fancy match.

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Spring is upon us! I was getting tired of winter and couldn’t wait to kick away my boots and winter clothes. I am just so happy and grateful for the sunny days that we have right now, the warm weather and the fresh colors around me. We can finally have long walks in the park. Everyone with a small child at home knows how I feel :)

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*The lovely birds in this image are part of the new clipart set Spring Birds.

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Halloween – Clip Art and Photoshop Brushes

I am a bit late with the Halloween release this year. We do not celebrate this holiday where I come from. I had requests about this set, so I spent some time looking at vintage Halloween cards and came with these drawings. As usual the clip art is created with ink on paper and then digitally colored.

A free sample for personal use is included. Download Halloween sample

Printable Mini Calendar 2012

Printable Mini calendar 2012

Printable Mini calendar 2012

I had so many requests about this calendar. The whimsical mini calendar 2011 was more successful than I could foresee. It turns out it was the perfect gift last year. Since then I have new clip art and my design direction have changed somewhat. The new calendar is more polished technically and in addition to being whimsical, it is also romantic.

You can find below a free sample for January 2012. It looks really cute in print. The bird is from my new set – Sewn Birds.

[download id="4"]

If you wish to design a calendar of your own you will find in my shops the mini calendar templates.

Hand drawn icons II

The hand drawn social icons set, which I created some time ago was quite a success. I have received many requests to make more icons and finally the second set is ready. Hand drawn and inked, then colored digitally, these cute images will add fun to your website.

One icon is included here as a sample. Download hand drawn icons sample

The Wedding Collection I

I was recently inspired by an image of a wedding cake drawn with crayons.  I made some drawings with ink, processed them digitally and created this pack. The crayons coloring was actually made in illustrator. There are some lovely lace Photoshop brushes included.

You will find one of the lace borders in the free sample here. Download wedding collection sample

Ranunculus Collection – clip art and photoshop brushes

There is a new clip art collection of hand drawn Ranunculus flowers in the shop. I used a variety of shades to have a diversity of colors and moods. This time I also included some photoshop brushes for those who feel creative. These flowers are perfect for wedding stationery but also for any flowery design (I heavily use flowers in my own designs). There is a free sample included here for personal use only. Enjoy!

Download ranunculus sample