Whimsical Mini Calendar 2013 Freebie!

mini calendar 2013

The new calendar 2014 is here! Please download from the new page.

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  • Katie Lee - 6 years ago

    I did as it asked, but no link to download. Is it working for others?

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      Hi Katie, I just tested the Facebook share option in Safari and Firefox and I was able to download the file. Please try again! Change the browser and click on the download link immediately after you share. Let me know if it worked. Thanks!

  • Amanda Herbert - 6 years ago

    Lovely calendar, thanks so much! Mandy

  • Bobbie Joe Kinney Klebe - 6 years ago

    The download does not like google chrome. I got it to work with IE.

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      Sorry to hear that you had trouble downloading the first time. I was not aware about the Chrome issue.

  • Kylie @ All Things Lovely - 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for this download! The calendar is so beautiful and will be the perfect Christmas gift for my friends. So appreciate your generosity! <3

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      Hi Kylie, I am happy you like the calendar. How sweet of you to leave a comment 🙂 I wish you wonderful holidays!

  • jenn - 6 years ago

    I posted to my facebook and it appears as a shared post in my timeline, but I can’t download the calendar. Any suggestions?

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      Hi Jenn, sorry to hear that you were not able to download the calendar. Please check my comment here
      There is problem with some browsers and Facebook. We can unfortunately not check if the calendar was shared or not since we use a third party plugin. Please change the browser and try again. The best is to use the twitter option.

  • Jen - 6 years ago

    This is JUST what I was looking for – it will be just perfect in my office. Thanks for making this available!!

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      I am glad that the calendar will be useful to you Jen. happy New Year!

  • Kathy - 6 years ago

    could not download.
    : (

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      Hi! Sorry about that. Please change your browser and try again. We are using a 3rd party service to share the calendar and sometimes it doesn’t work with older browsers. Especially older versions of Internet explorer.

  • Sara Budisantoso - 6 years ago

    This calendar is so cute and would look great in my work and home office. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jeanne - 6 years ago

    I downloaded the file but cannot get the cover page off of the template. Please advise.

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      Hi, these are not templates. This is a calendar only for personal use. it is not allowed to modify it and/or resell it. We offer separately templates for purchase if you intend to use the calendar for commercial use.

      • Jeanne - 6 years ago

        I guess what I meant to say is that when I print the calendar, the middle is covered up by the cover page.

        • sabina - 6 years ago


          These are 13 separate images. You have to open them one by one and select print. I hope this helps!

          • Jeanne - 6 years ago

            Thank you! That makes sense. I thought it was a yearly one-page calendar. Love it!

  • monica - 6 years ago

    lovely :3
    I printed your calendar and it makes me happy every time I see it on my desk, thank you for sharing!! 🙂

  • Robyn - 6 years ago

    Beautiful little calendar! No trouble with the download on Google Chrome. Thank you!

  • Amanda - 6 years ago

    Such a cute and beautiful calendar design! I will be using this cut little thing this year!

  • Lori - 6 years ago

    thank you…how lovely of you for the gift!

  • Kiana - 6 years ago

    I downloaded the calendar with no problem but I am having troubles printing it. I opened the pages separately but there is no option for me to print it.

  • Anaïs - 6 years ago

    This is lovely 🙂 Thank you so much!

  • Ravi Chander - 6 years ago

    Nice calendar. Thanks!

  • stephanie - 5 years ago

    This calendar is a DREAM! Thank you so much! I was able to do EXACTLY what I needed to do with this (circle the dates I’m working for the year in Publisher) and it’s just adorable! Will you do this again for 2014? I hope so because this is the best option I’ve found for what I need to accomplish!

  • amanda - 5 years ago

    Hi, I wanted to download the 2013 version of this calendar, would i still be able to download it?

    Thank you,

    Amanda x

  • Lid - 5 years ago

    Such a lovely blog!

    I’d also like to download the 2013 version of this calendar, is it still available? May I get it somehow?

    (It may sound silly doing that in December 2013, but I prefer the the organization Monday-Sunday, so the 2013 is perfect).


  • gina - 5 years ago

    I love the clipart in the 2013 calendar, I have purchased from your etsy shop in the past and just stumbled on your freebies! Is it possible to still get the 2013 calendar? I love the fox and the bear (my boys’ two fave animals) and was hoping I could switch the clipart for a couple of these onto the 2014…

  • Marie - 5 years ago

    I was also hoping to be able to download the 2013 version. I have the 2014 one and I love it! The artwork is so beautiful. But I was hoping to download the 2013 calendar to frame it for as art to remember special dates from last year (especially my wedding date!). Is there any way to still get the 2013 calendar?

    • Rachel L - 5 years ago

      me too! Adore it and still working on my 2013 Project Life album so would love to include 2013 calendars 🙂

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