Trends 2014 – Jungle

1. Jungle Wreath – Sarah  2. Pillow  3. Bathing Suit  4. Invitation

The Jungle Trend mixes luscious palm leaves, giant exotic flowers, tigers, lions and monkeys – oh my! Pair these designs with beautiful vibrant greens, dark brown, vermilion and you’ve got yourself a jungle print.

You will see this trend being used on everything from clothing, wall paper, home goods to invitations. It can be dressed up to be sophisticated or toned down to add a bit of whimsy. This trend really is for the wild at heart.

5. Wallpaper  6. Dress  7. Handbag  8. Leaves – Sabina  9. Jungle Animals – Sarah

Author: Denise is an illustrator living and working in Chicago, Illinois. Check some of her work here:

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