Trends 2014 – Delicate

1. Butterfly 2. Wedding Invitation 3. Feather – Sabina 4. Seed Heads 5. Wedding Dress

This month we are focusing on the trend; Delicate. It is the start of wedding invitation design season and these images are sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration. The delicate trend focuses on beautiful handwritten letters, dainty flowers, seed heads, and butterflies.

While creamy whites, light pinks, gold and faintly color mints lend well to the delicate trend, I am seeing deep brown, maroon and even some grey making a appearance.

The Delicate trend is beautiful and sweet with hints of art deco and plant studies. While it’s perfect for wedding invitations, it can also be used well in web design, jewelry and textiles.

6. Wedding Suite 7. Dainty Wreath – Rhian 8. Pattern 9. Seed Head 10. Butterfly Girl 11. Handwritten Letter

Author: Denise is an illustrator living and working in Chicago, Illinois. Check some of her work here:

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