Trend – Enchanted Woods

1. Kalina Pilat; 2. Valentino 2015; 3.; 4. Mystic Forrest set; 5.; 6. Anne Siems; 7. Mr. Bear; 8.; 9. Pillow designed with the Mystic Forrest Patterns;

Every year there is some spin on the Woodland theme. The trend for 2015/16 goes in direction mystic forest with romantic medieval influences. The backgrounds are dark with bright vegetation, detailed leaves and fairytale book creatures. Detailed owl drawings and foliage inspired by classic paintings. A beautiful trend that can be applied to stationery and home decor.


Freebie Download

Download this abstract pattern paper sprinkled with colourful rain of leaves inspired by the enchanted woods trend.
Download Colourful Drop Pattern

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  • g - 4 years ago

    oh what a pity, freebie Download doesnt work! 🙁 i love this colourful drop pattern, congrats