Thoughts on pricing

This morning I received a message via my Etsy shop. A seller complained that my graphics are overpriced. Usually I do not answer such messages, because honestly, when do other people get to decide how much is my time and art worth? But I think sending such messages to artists is not kind.

The person who complained, is selling art posters for more than $8 on Etsy. I just wonder how would she feel if I message her and tell her she should lower her prices. Does making of a poster take more time than it takes me to create my illustrations? Are my images worth less than her posters? I am pouring my soul into these drawings. And a poster is just a pretty piece on the wall. My drawings allow people to create and sell products, to earn out of this.

I think our pricing is fair and our Standard License is quite generous. Compare to other resources for quality graphics like iStockphoto. Their license for using the graphics in greeting card designs, templates, more than 500 prints is $250! Our Standard license allows for 2000 prints, making of products, and is just $8. Our Extended License allows for almost anything (except reselling our graphics), unlimited prints, and is $45. Our drawings are just as professional as the ones sold by other big vendors, only we are not a big corporation. We are a group of artists making a living with what we love to do – drawing.

In conclusion I want to thank all our customers who think that our graphics are worth their price. We love you too!

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  • Raquel - 6 years ago

    Whether you want to sell them for 8$ or 800$ is only your problem and I can’t see why someone has to tell you to lower the price. They want cheap, then go somewhere else (that said, I think your graphics are worth every penny and do not consider them expensive at all given it’s quality and license of use) I’m tired of people complaining about prices and not thinking for a second the whole process it takes to create the thing, not only the final result.

    Keep on with your awesome work!

  • Clemence - 6 years ago

    I second every word Raquel said. You’re the only one who can decide the price of your designs, and I personally really don’t think they are overpriced. They are awesome and worth every penny 🙂

  • Tammy - 6 years ago

    I would be upset too! It’s hard not to take that personally. If she thinks they are overpriced, she can buy something else. I purchase your graphics because they are unique AND because of your more than generous terms for commercial use. I appreciate that! A lot of places charge an additional $20 for small use commercial no credit on top of the clipart charge.

    There is always someone that will always be unreasonable and try to make you crazy. It’s good to vent, get support, then move on and ignore them. Don’t let anyone stop you from realizing your talent! There a plenty of people who do love and support what you do and will consider your fee more than fair…especially since it helps them make money.

  • sabina - 6 years ago

    Thank you Tammy you are so sweet! I am afraid I took it rather personally. Just a bad day I guess.

  • Vicki - 6 years ago

    I think her posters are probably UNDER priced. As a graphic designer, I can get $85/hour in the corporate world, when I sell to consumer American, I sell at a competitive price that I don’t even come close to recoup my time and energy until I’ve sold 14 prints… and that’s at 1/2 of the going “corporate” rate. I think your work is lovely and priced very well. In fact, if it were me, I’d charge more… you gals are worth!!

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      Hi Vicki,

      I have a branding and web design business. My pricing per hour at the moment is $100. One clip art set takes 5-16 hours to make. I am already “in” with at least $500 by making the set, compared to working for clients. And a set may return this investment or may not.

      Considering that someone can save 5-16 hours of work on their project by purchasing the graphics for $8 is I think much more value for the customer.

      We want everyone to be able to afford the clip art. If one can not afford the EPS, one can purchase the clip art for $8. Or buy 3+1 and get it for $6! I thought that our prices are very reasonable.

      Thank you for this kind comment! The support and encouraging words are much welcomed!

  • Helena - 6 years ago

    I love your graphics and think they’re more than reasonably priced! <3 It's hard to choose which ones to buy since they are all so lovely.

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      lol 🙂 Thanks Helena

  • Syl - 6 years ago

    If anything, I think your prices are cheap. If you charged using industry standards it would cost much more. No one should complain, you and your fellow artists are already being extremely generous!

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      Many of our artists are full time illustrators with publications and big clients. I am still in awe that they agreed to sell here with me clip art for $8 🙂

  • reni - 6 years ago

    dear INKNEST ARTISTS – you’re talented, you work hard, you produce great product(s) and provide awesome customer service. that’s all that matters. not everyone is your client/customer…and that’s fine!!!! all you can do (which you ARE doing) is do your best! don’t sweat the small stuff…it takes up too much of your “good” creative energy!

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      Thats what my husband says – not everyone is your client 🙂 I think artists often get crazy when people criticize or undervalue their art. Today I am already wondering why I was so bothered yesterday. Thank you for commenting!

  • Michael - 6 years ago

    If that person took the time to complain about your prices, I’d be suspicious that there is some jealousy/envy behind her words. And, why wouldn’t women business owners be more supportive of each other instead of making jabs? I’m sorry you had to deal with that, but I love the support that everyone here is showing. She isn’t your ideal customer, and if obviously you are finding the customers who are and who love and pay for your work! I love the work you do — and feature from others — and will be a long-time customer.

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      I exchanged several messages with her (my mistake) trying gently to explain in the beginning that my pricing reflects how worth I think my products are and that it is not OK to suggest to another seller that they should lower their pricing. She continued to insist that other vendors charge 6 times less what I charge (for extended license) and who do I think I am to price so high my work. I lost it by the end of the conversation. So rude! There is some lack of respect towards clip art products. If I was selling art posters maybe she would have been more respectful. But because it is clip art it is not worthy anything.

  • Kelli - 6 years ago

    As a fellow Etsy seller, and designer, I would be lost without wonderfully talented illustration artists such as your self. In the world of “big box” I am so thrilled to support and purchase graphics from your shop and know that I am helping another small business stay afloat. Your prices are beyond reasonable. Your work is beautiful and best wishes for continued success!

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      for some projects clip art is a time saver. We, on the Ink Nest here sometimes purchase each others sets lol because many of us are also designers and have a separate design business. Thank you Kelli for this kind comment. Your shop is wonderfully colorful!

  • Teresa - 6 years ago

    I appreciate your beautiful artwork and your pricing. I’m sure all of your clients LOVE you! Thank you for providing excellent products and customer service and for your generosity.

  • Jenn - 6 years ago

    wow. The Ink Nest is a top-notch company – I couldn’t ask for a better group to do business with. You are probably UNDER-priced, but we all appreciate it! We’ll return as customers b/c of this, plus the outstanding customer service. It’s hard not to take it personal. As a graphic designer who is definitely not an Illustrator, I value you as much as you value your customers. THANKS!!!

  • L.A. - 6 years ago

    I just came to say I think your graphics are very fairly priced for such cute little drawings! I purchased one set of images from you to design my wedding invitations recently, and today I came back to your site because I’m pretty sure I’m going to purchase two more to complete my RSVP cards and reception information cards. The price of these three files combined is still less than what many other artists and designers are charging for the use of a single image or a PDF of a printable invitation set. Very worth it, if you ask me!

  • elizabeth - 6 years ago

    I’ve turned here many times to purchase items that I simply can’t afford for work I’ve done for small clients with small budgets, who are my favorite to work with. They’ve been nothing but overjoyed at the professionalism and elegance of the results! I think your prices are more than fair, and I’m so grateful!

  • Vikki - 6 years ago

    I am working on setting up my own greeting card and stationery boutique selling printed cards, notes, invitations and other paper products. I have searched for various illustrators to partner with and you are one of the companies that I plan to invest in for my portfolio. I want to bring beautiful art and images to life and support fellow artists. I love paper, post and all things snail mail. I myself cannot draw, so I am very selective and appreciative of beautiful art. I am happy to be able to use your extraordinary art in my printed products. Because your clip art sets include the commercial license for 2000 printed products or less, it is competitive with the market. Of course it is generous when compared with stock portfolio companies, but this “customer” was probably comparing you to other graphic artists that sell on Etsy at a lower price point. Still beautiful, these companies perhaps offer a different product for a different audience. Your illustrations are so wonderfully colorful and unique that I drool over them. I cannot wait invest and buy them and make them part of my successful business. ignore the naysayers. Keep doing what you do. Thank you!!!

  • Tina - 5 years ago

    Just dicoverd your blog and I love it. Your designs are absolutely not over priced! I’m a trained seamstress ( I went 3 yrs to design school to learn my skills), and people always complain that my things are to expencive, what they do not realise is how much time I use om each piece, I’m sure the same applies to you. Keep up the good work! Love ♡