Design Trends 2013 – Mint

design trends 2013 mint

Mint is going to be one of the hot colors in 2013. It is number one trend in wedding invitations for next year and is probably going to find its way in other areas of graphic design.

1. Pantone Color Report 2013 Spring – Grayed Jade
2. Wedding invitation by Minted
3. Mint clip art set
4. mint and gold feather in Feathers clip art set

How to pair mint

Mint can be combined with a number of great colors. For example Monaco Blue (Pantone color 2013). Gold is a luxurious combination with mint. Emerald is another trend color for 2013 and goes beautifully with mint creating a nice contrast. Pink is a classic combination with mint – a salmon, or linen pink + mint =  vintage soft look.

Fonts that go with mint

Is there such thing as a suitable font for a specific color? In design color sets the mood and the direction. Finding suitable font is what brings design to perfection. Mint can be made modern when paired with some rounded nice sans serif font like Museo Sand or Futura. Scripts like La Portenia and Capistrano BF are a more fancy match.

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  • Kerry - 6 years ago

    Home with sick little one today so I thought I’d come check out your site and shop!! Found you on Cardigan Way :). These color tips are great!! I’ll definitely use this green with these accents this season. Thank you!

    • sabina - 6 years ago

      Hi Kerry,

      I am sorry to hear about the little one being sick 🙁 But I am glad you decided to visit our website and comment on this article. In my website and branding designs I sometimes combine mint with gold or pink. It really works. I am happy the color mint is coming in trend again.

  • Emily - 6 years ago

    I’m very glad mint is still going to be popular, because it’s become one of my favorite colors! I love pairing it with coral. Thanks for these reports!