Trend – Enchanted Woods

1. Kalina Pilat; 2. Valentino 2015; 3.; 4. Mystic Forrest set; 5.; 6. Anne Siems; 7. Mr. Bear; 8.; 9. Pillow designed with the Mystic Forrest Patterns;

Every year there is some spin on the Woodland theme. The trend for 2015/16 goes in direction mystic forest with romantic medieval influences. The backgrounds are dark with bright vegetation, detailed leaves and fairytale book creatures. Detailed owl drawings and foliage inspired by classic paintings. A beautiful trend that can be applied to stationery and home decor.


Freebie Download

Download this abstract pattern paper sprinkled with colourful rain of leaves inspired by the enchanted woods trend.
Download Colourful Drop Pattern

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Artist feature – Erica Hite

I am really happy to introduce our new artist Erica Hite at the Ink Nest.

First, I noticed Erica in one of my Design Garden Classes. She is incredibly talented and I especially love to follow her process from paper to digital. Her thoughtful sketches evolve into harmony of color and shapes that constitute her finished patterns. She shared on her website review about the class and sketches for her latest set. These patterns have been featured in Upper Case Magazine  – the Surface Design Issue.

Erica is inspired by handmade things, vintage and retro character art and graphic design. Images bellow are part of her sketchbook for her latest set in the shop Folk Tribal.




Inspiration Corner – DIY Bird Garland

What a lovely idea about Easter decoration or an all-year round decor.


Talented Barbara Rucci shows in the Art Bar Blog how to make yourself a beautiful bird garland. With just some wooden beads, twine and the Geometric Birds set, printed on card stock, a really gorgeous garland turned out.bird_garland1


Trends 2014 – Jungle

1. Jungle Wreath – Sarah  2. Pillow  3. Bathing Suit  4. Invitation

The Jungle Trend mixes luscious palm leaves, giant exotic flowers, tigers, lions and monkeys – oh my! Pair these designs with beautiful vibrant greens, dark brown, vermilion and you’ve got yourself a jungle print.

You will see this trend being used on everything from clothing, wall paper, home goods to invitations. It can be dressed up to be sophisticated or toned down to add a bit of whimsy. This trend really is for the wild at heart.

5. Wallpaper  6. Dress  7. Handbag  8. Leaves – Sabina  9. Jungle Animals – Sarah

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Trends 2014 – Indigo

1. Wedding  2. Shoes  3. Pattern  4. Banner – Sabina  5. Invitation

This month we are focusing on the Indigo trend, which mixes with a variety of styles from folk, floral, ornamental to tribal influences. While Indigo is wildly popular in fashion and decor, it is making strong appearances in wedding palettes and as well as design.

Indigo is a rich and bold hue, while still feeling warm and inviting. It pairs nicely with blush pinks, creamy whites, and bright oranges. Have you used Indigo in your work or home lately?

6. Dress  7. Fabric  8. Room  9 & 10. Shells – Denise 11. Mug
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Trends 2014 – Delicate

1. Butterfly 2. Wedding Invitation 3. Feather – Sabina 4. Seed Heads 5. Wedding Dress

This month we are focusing on the trend; Delicate. It is the start of wedding invitation design season and these images are sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration. The delicate trend focuses on beautiful handwritten letters, dainty flowers, seed heads, and butterflies.

While creamy whites, light pinks, gold and faintly color mints lend well to the delicate trend, I am seeing deep brown, maroon and even some grey making a appearance.

The Delicate trend is beautiful and sweet with hints of art deco and plant studies. While it’s perfect for wedding invitations, it can also be used well in web design, jewelry and textiles.

6. Wedding Suite 7. Dainty Wreath – Rhian 8. Pattern 9. Seed Head 10. Butterfly Girl 11. Handwritten Letter

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Trends 2014 – Folkloric Mix + Freebie

1. Ribbon 2. Denise (The Ink Nest) 3. Let’s Have Tea Invite 4. Sarah (The Ink Nest) 5. Sabina (The Ink Nest) 6. Nicole (The Ink Nest) 7. Cardigan 8. Rachel (The Ink Nest)

We have a very special trend report this month that motivated a few of The Ink Nest Artists to create new sets for the shop – and is one of my favorite trends of 2014 – the folkloric mix. While folk art can encompass a wide variety of cultures, we mainly focused on Scandinavian Folk.

Vibrant blues and bold reds make up many of the folk art palettes. Which when paired with light pinks, orange, brown and turquoise, the combinations can create cute and playful designs.

Animal motifs, flowers and geometrics are at the heart of the trend. Folk design works very well when used for stationery, textiles or home goods. I sense some folk art inspired Valentine’s Day cards in the making!

9. Rachel (The Ink Nest) 10. Sarah (The Ink Nest) 11. Minted Initial Card 12. Denise (The Ink Nest) 13. Sabina (The Ink Nest) 14. Sarah (The Ink Nest) 15. Interior 16. Blanket 17. Nicole (The Ink Nest)

Download free birdie image. For personal use only!

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Printable Recipe Cards

Happy New 2014! We hope you had great holidays and New Year celebration. If this time was full of cooking and socializing for you too, and you are still wondering where to store all the new recipes, we got you covered! With these cute printable recipe cards by Nicole LaRue, you can have your recipes organised. Printing instructions are included – you can print the images on 4×6″ card stock or similar size.

These are for personal use only! If you are interested in any commercial use please purchase the Cookery clip art set by Nicole.

Download orchid flower drawings for personal use:

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Trends 2014 – Radiant Orchid

Pantone announced the color of 2014 to be none other than Radiant Orchid. While it is just the beginning of winter here in the states, Radiant Orchid gives me a little bit of hope that spring is just around the corner. (I can dream right?)

Pantone says that ” Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.” (link)

Speaking of great joy, you better believe that this lovely shade of purple will be showing up everywhere this year. It is very romantic, feminine and refreshing. A great accent color that pairs nicely with neutral colors, dark greens and turquoise.

I think it will be inspiring to see how Radiant Orchid will be incorporated into design work. It’s about time we start pushing our limits to try out new things. Hey and 2014 is just around the corner, do you see incorporating Radiant Orchid into your work or even your wardrobe?

Download orchid flower drawings for personal use:

1.Catherine Deane Gown 2.Garden Fete Children’s Invitation 3.Cabbage Flowers 4.Pop of Purple Interior 5.Moda Fabric 6.Dress 7.Butter Nail Polish 8.Glasses 9.Vans 10.Poppies and Peonies Invitation

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Trends 2014 – Cayenne

1. Bridesmaid Dresses 2. Sabina – for The Ink Nest 3. Wedding paper Divas 4. Shoes 5. Flowers

The next color we are focusing on from Pantone’s Fashion Spring 2014 Color Report is Cayenne. Pantone defines Cayenne as “a high-pitched red, that adds a dash of spicy heat to neutrals.” It’s bold, warm, romantic and makes a strong statement.

Cayenne adds instant warmth and cheerfulness when used in fashion, design or interiors. It pairs well with similar hues such as orange or peach, but also adds a bit of whimsy if paired with a minty green.

Cayenne is not for the timid. Now tell me, are you bold enough to use it?

6. Flower Pattern 7. Denise – for The Ink Nest 8. Cozy Kitchen 9. Red Skirt 10. Pom Pom Hat 11. Rhian – for The Ink Nest

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